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Fill out our quick questionnaire and one of our representatives will contact within 4 hours with all the information needed for your company to start their personalized prescription safety glass corporate program.

Employee eligibility form stating your corporate program code and your prescription with a PD measurement. YOU MUST HAVE A PD (Pupil Distance) MEASUREMENT TO ORDER GLASSES.

Once you receive your personalized email from your employer stating you are a part of the CHAOSRXOPTIC corporate program you will need to bring your employee eligibility form to your eye appoint to ensure your doctor give us all the prescriptions components to order your glasses. YOU MUST HAVE A PD (Pupil Distance) MEASUREMENT TO ORDER GLASSES.

Once you have your prescription refer to your employee eligibility form for the corporate program package your employer choose and build your glasses. Throughout this process refer to your eligibility form as your employer may have restrictions on what you may or may not order. All orders will be checked against the parameters placed on the employer’s employees.

After you have built your glasses go to our checkout where you will need to put in your corporate program code and given options on how to send in your prescription. Your employer has set up a stipend towards your prescription safety glasses. If you go over what they allow or have any extra charges you as an employee are responsible for paying the difference.

We work closely with a lab that is able to produce our prescription lenses between 48 hours to 2 weeks depending on the prescription and special options that may have added to the lenses. Once we receive the lenses from the lab we inspect them and assemble the safety glasses ordered. Our process from the time we receive your prescription to when you receive your glasses will take 1-4 weeks. If you have a time restraint call or email us to see how we may assist you.

If your prescription was not made properly we will remake your glasses as we strive for 100% satisfaction. Our prescription safety glasses are allotted a onetime redo to another frame at no additional charge. Contact us at 1-888-286-2253 or dkarr@chaossupplies.com with the reason for your return and we will email a return form along with instructions on how to ship your safety glasses.

Please Note: We are a retailor for prescription after glasses. We warranty the lenses of your glasses. Each manufacture has a different warranty for the frames themselves. If you are having a warranty problem below are links to the manufacture warranties policy of the brands we carry.