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Thank you for choosing CHAOSRXOPTICS as your premium Industrial Eyewear provider. Quality and customer service are our number one concern! We have closely evaluated and handpicked the finest ANSI-approved frames from the top eyewear manufactures in the world and incorporated their styles into three corporate prescription eyewear Packages. Each package offers a unique choice of styles and features that will deliver the maximum amount of comfort and protection in all work environments.

Please take the time to evaluate the True View, and Premium corporate eyewear packages! All corporate program packages include frames, lenses, and side shields that meet or exceed the ANSI standard for impact resistance.


programs we offer

True View Package

Discover 30 of the most stylish wraparound and metal frames on the market, handpicked for their exceptional design and quality value.

True View Premium Package

Experience unmatched style and protection with our selection of premium performance eyewear from leading manufacturers worldwide.

Setting up a corporate program is fast and easy! Once you have decided which program best fits your company’s needs fill out the sign up form and an Industrial eyewear account specialist will contact you within 24-48 hours.

Many styles are available as nonprescription (Plano) regular safety glasses and can be used as safety incentive awards and gifts to increase compliance.

All program packages can be customized to fit your needs and you can choose the dollar subsidy or reimbursement amount that will put your employees in the best pair of glasses they can imagine while saving your company money and time from sourcing your eyewear from one vendor that does it all!

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