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Do Your Employees Need Eye Protection While On The Job?

Join our corporate program and provide the best safety glasses to your employees. Our simple and streamlined process will allow your employees access to the best safety glasses, saving you time with our flexible programs to meet your companies needs.

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True View Package

This entry level package serves all industries and trades with comfortable safety RX eyewear for both women and men.

Manufacturers: Edge, Pyramex, Crossfire, Global Vision

30% off prescription with ANSI stamped impact resistant polycarbonate lenses and frame is included in package price!

Basic Impact: Package includes same low price for Clear Single Vision, Bifocal, Trifocal and Progressive Lens. Factory scratch resistant coating, UV coating, case, and limited warranty.

programs we offer

True View Premium Package

Thirty more frames were handpicked from the battlefield to the runway. Rugged quality and style that once served Military and Law Enforcement now makes its introduction to the industrial eyewear market.

4 Most Common Causes of Eye Related Injuries

Flying Particles and Debris

Common in industries like construction and manufacturing, flying particles and debris pose a risk to the eyes during machinery operations or material cutting.

Chemicals and Hazardous Substances

Workers exposed to chemicals or corrosive substances are prone to eye injuries from splashes or exposure.

Lack of Eye Protection

Neglecting to use proper eye protection, such as safety goggles or face shields, increases the risk of eye injuries in industrial settings.

Impact and Physical Contact

Certain jobs involve the risk of physical contact or impact with tools or equipment, leading to eye injuries in industries like welding or construction.


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